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tv   Hannity  FOX News  April 30, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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an historic day, pageantry and romance for the royal wedding. a day of royalty. a royal wededing.s the world is watching as b britain's king to be and his long time girlfriend became husband and wife. wife. good evening, welcome, i'm greta van susteren. it finally happened. they married in front of an audience of more than a billion
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people. the guest ranged from the green to the neighborhood butcher. it took place at westminster abbey and as you know our fox team has been there all week. just in case your invitation got lost in the mail now you a chance to look at the pomp and circumstance. >> greta: good morning. we are already for the big day. as kate and william are getting ready over to westminster abbey. we've seen a little bit of cars going back and forth but it's great to be covering this big story. >> shep: what you are you doing up so early. this is the coverage of the royal wedding. >> this woman with the gold hat. this is chelsea davies and she
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and harry have been together on and off for several years. she and kate have a very good relationship. she has been called the fergie, kate is very reserved. chelsea is kind of free. and she is very laid-back and shy likes to have a lot of fun. many people think it's a perfect match for harry. there she is walking in. >> shep: do you recognize that card, martha? >> i believe that is kate middleton. that is the goring hotel, that car has arrived and it is waiting to take her to westminster abbey. all of this, this has been practiced and practiced. >> this goring hold will be the
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most traveled hotel in the world. >> and the photographers have been camped out just watching the comings and going of kate and the middleton family. ♪ ♪ >> 18 mulgdz papd kd at allege had hazards be order of the it's mostly cloudy and we're expecting a little drizzle here and there. but for the most part. wedding in london. look at that.
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got a great wife. they like it over here. >> and with her fascinater hat. they are one of highest profile couples we're going to see this morning. >> so we're watching all these dignitaries as they make their way in. we want to go over to gretchen carlson. she has the best seat over at westminster abbey. and the beck hams. she looks fantastic. good morning can gretchen. >> yes, i do have the best seat in the house for assigning me to sit here. this is where history is going to be made today. there is a wonderful feel here. some of the people behind me have been here for hours and some going on a day now. just before the dean came out to
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greet them. even when the street cleaner comes out, they applaud meaning they are excited for any activity to begin. >> and this is charles spencer. i'm very happy. look who is walking in right now. there is a elton john. remembering diana throughout the day. first song will be song they are close to ka mill pla, she is one of the bridesmaids today.
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there you saw him walking in. one of two prime ministers and margaret thatcher was invited. a lot of talk about tony blair wasn't. >> and guardian talks about william now he is in that capacity. mother thatcher gave orders, brown and blair is not. it's not a sub or not a state occasion. this is a family occasion. the other thing they're doing it a westminster abbey, 2500 people. westminster abbey sits 1900 [ applause ] >> this is happening right
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behind us. you can see the guard coming in. we have gotten through a number of guests. it's a job to get 1900 people seated and have everybody file in the right moment. the vans are bringing in a number of dignitaries, a third of the world that is still part of the british common wealth which is pretty incredible. >> there is a david cameron and his wife as they are leaving ten downing street. he is wearing a morning coat. i'm going go into a lounge suit, did you know you have a lounge suit? >> i feel very loungey here. >> and the morning coat which is
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one of three options to wear the morning coat, or military attire which you'll see a lot of people in. prince william was a just helicopter pilot. they wanted to have trees that could be replanted in places around in the parks and houses. so that is why you see the huge trees that were brought in westminster abbey yesterday. >> moments from now, the royal family keeps to their schedule. prince william and harry will be greeting guests. real quick, i want to take a look at the royal family. >> they are leaving buckingham palace. william and harry starting nearby at clarence house. from there thispass the horse guard's parade and the future home of beach volleyball. then it's on to white hall where
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most government agencies have their headquarters. then down to parliament square and finally westminster abbey. the entire trip expected to take about five minutes. >> here is where everybody is sitting inside the abbey. royal family and middletons are up front and spencers over here. apparently there is a little bit of bad blood but it's not that thriving. [ cheers and applause ] >> that is david cameron and he is coming to the wedding. there was a tailgate controversy with the prime minister. he was going to wear a business suit and there was an outcry, as
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you can see he is full morning suit, so mr. cameron bending to public pressure and putting on the morning suit as he walks into westminster abbey. >> tony blair, he went on the record last night and said he wasn't offended by not inviting to this wedding. and very understated dress, did not have a hat on. here is the thing, everybody coming to the wedding, 1900 guests, they were all given a 22 page guide and guide that suggested that the men wear tails and also the women in fact wear hats. let me tell you about the celebrities, we saw david and victoria bem ham and elton john, not invited president and
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mrs. obama. this is not an official state event. prince william is not the direct heir to the throne that is why you only have the crown heads of state traditionally to royal weddings like this. another one, sara ferguson, her daughters will there be air is raw ra won't be here. joan rivers wanted to come but she didn't get an invitation. also nicolas sarkozy wanted one but didn't get it. and the former exes, former boyfriends and girlfriends. i did invite a couple of them who i remain friendly with. and the syrian ambassador who had an invitation rejoekd veok because of the unrest in his
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country the last couple days and youngest member is a page boy, only ten years old. this is entrance, where william and harry and kate will live together. prince charles and camilla has a residence, as well. there are two wings of clarence but this is really the family's home and this is where they spent a lot of time over the years. >> they convinced us, if your blackberry uses the signal you can set your clock to every moment of all of this. here we go, listen. [ cheers and applause ]
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this a special moment we're watching in the red. there is william as he heads to westminster abbey. after kate middleton, it looks very happy. >> he is in the back seat. look at that. i don't think i've ever seen anything quite like this. >> there were choices which uniform to wear. he had gone with the red coat and blue sash which is
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ceremonial dress. >> no, it's the tunic of the irish card. he was made a colonel in february of this year of the irish guard and that is the senior rank. most spectacular of this his uniforms. he is wearing the sash and he is member.
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>> greta: they were 16th royal couple to get married at westminster abbey. up next, who is on the top
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this is a fox news alert. from new york i'm marianne rafferty. nato war planes bombing a site next to a television station where muammar qaddafi was rumored to be giving a speech. three buildings near the station in tripoli were destroyed. three people hurt and one seriously. it isn't clear if nato forces were actually targeting qaddafi. the libyan leader called on nato to end its air strikes saying he is prepared to enter a cease fire. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to travel to italy next week to assess the situation in libya including how to increase the pressure on qaddafi to step down. the death toll still rising three days after devastating tornadoes tore through much of the united states. 329 people confirmed dead across seven state. wednesday's outbreak the deadliest in the u.s. since 1932.
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as many as 1 million alabama homes and businesses still without power and one survivor explains what he went through. >> it was like some -- the noise, the wind and pressure from the actual suction of the thing. it is just unbelievable. >> on friday, fema officials have already been sent to affected areas. and people in a northwest texas community are forced to clear out as wind gusts push wildfires ever closer. part of junction, texas, which is located 140 miles west of austin was evacuated after the fire jumped containment lines and was approaching interstate 10. no word yet on how many people were affected. the texas forest service reporting extreme fire conditions across west texas and also parts of east texas. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to our special coverage of the royal wedding. for your latest headlines, go to fox news .com.
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this is the wedding on fox news channel. a sigh of relief out of harry. explain to us the significance
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in uniforms they have chosen. >> i would have thought they would have worn the flying uniform but he was a colonel of the irish guard. very smart tunici. but today he has chosen to wear the cap. harry is wearing the uniform. and a member of the most notable member of the garter and harry will be the member of the order. >> what is below the mauled. one thousandth member of the order of the garter. the queen gave it to him. its medieval order. hairly will get eight and blue
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sash shows that he is a member of the order, too. last time they were here was for their mother's funeral which was bittersweet memory. >> guests are still arriving at westminster abbey. this is a very big moment for carol mid had middleton. you are about to step out of the car. her daughter will be the future queen of england. imagine what this feels like for this woman. they are commoners and millionaires because of business they started, kate middleton is his son. >> greta: royal wedding continues from host: could switching to geico really save you 15%
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>> greta: royal wedding
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their mother, sara ferguson is not present on this day. not invited to the wedding. also in those vehicles, prince royal and her husband, timothy lawrence.
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>> shep: this is charles and camilla. look at that ride. martha, what is the indication between camilla and the boys? >> i think they have been very pleased to see their father, they embrace her. she is the duchess of cornwell now. they are glad she is woman but lovely boys we see walking into westminster abbey.
12:34 am
wow slam. look at that hat. i can't think of anybody else that can make a hat. >> oh, my goodness. that is very interesting. it looks like an easter egg on top of her head. >> and cover people's eyes and quite mysterious and a vanity guard looking. >> and the triple hat. she comes in. this is charles' sister and she gets married at the end of july. there is prince andrew and the person not in the picture is sara ferguson is not on the list today.
12:35 am
this is quite a sight, camilla and charles will have been married 30 years but they are watching the wedding of prince william and kate middle ton of. now, we're up to the most important people of the ceremony. you may be able to hear the guard behind us. they are following the queen's car. everybody is going in cars. last time in 1981, there were a lot used in this. >> shep: they are watching behind us. and as charles and camilla came out. one of the biggest rounds of applause and how lucky is prince william to lives grandmother on this special day. >> greta: up next, the queen
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heads to westminster abbey for her grandson's wedding. ♪
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from america's news headquarters i'm marianne rafferty. president barack obama imposing new sanctions on syrian leaders after another day of deadly crackdowns on protesters. a human rights group saying at least 42 people killed across syria during demonstrations demanding the ouster of the president. the u.s. has frozen the assets of syria's intelligence agency and some of assad's family members. security forces have killed more than 450 people since the unrest began. and the death toll still rising three days after devastating tornadoes tore through much of the southern united states.
12:41 am
329 people are now confirmed dead across 7 states including 238 in alabama. wednesday's tornado outbreak was the deadliest to hit the u.s. since 1932. one survivor explains what he went through. >> it was just like -- i mean it's, the noise, the wind, the pressure from the actual suction of the thing. it was just unbelievable. >> president obama toured the destruction in alabama friday and fema officials have already been sent to affected area. nasa will try again on monday to launch space shuttle "endeavour." mechanical problems forcing them to scrub today's attempt. it is the last flight before the shuttle program is retired. president obama was there to meet shuttle commander mark kelly and his wife representative gabrielle giffords.
12:42 am
the nfl lockout may be back on. a federal appeals court granting the team owners' request to put a temporary hola son the ruling that lifted the lockout earlier this week. the owners and players have been fighting over a $9 billion annual revenue. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to our special coverage of the royal wedding.
12:43 am
prince charles surveying the crowd as he walks into westminster abbey. we know the queen is coming shortly behind them. the procession just went by the end of the procession with the guards in their huge red coats are leaving buckingham palace. there is the queen on this joyous day for her and william's grandfather. >> you can see some of the little ones coming by. the pages and the children who are the bridesmaids. in great britain, little girls and little boys who are the bridesmaids. most of them are children of friends and prince edwards' daughter is among them.
12:44 am
we all remember these children during charles and diana's wedding some of them grown up. that is the first look at kate's sister. she is escorting the little girls in the car. >> do you know when there is a tight shot, how happy they are. doesn't feel like they are in the middle of a show. >> it's set by the prince william when he wants something, he has set the tone for the whole day. you can feel it. everybody is enjoying it. its real celebration of love. this is a couple that has been together for many years. everybody really got behind him. and in a statement you can feel everybody's affection.
12:45 am
>> shep: and when the queen steps out of car, let's listen. here come the children. this is charles' grandson and godson's child. she is escort the go the children. >> tunic are replicas of the military there. very smart. >> and they are waiting for kate
12:46 am
middleton and michael middleton. what a day to be escorting his daughter. let's watch. >> greta: and bride travels by rolls royce to join her i was driving in northern california. my son was asleep. >> greta: and bride travels by i really didn't see it coming. i didn't realize i was drifting into the other lane.
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it's a very friendly way for kate middleton. her father was once a dispatcher for british airways and now he is sitting next to her daughter that will be the future queen of england. >> shep: probably like any dad in the world, beaming with pride for his daughter. they will have a roof over their
12:51 am
heads and everything will be fine. >> he has made a great life for his daughter and she looks absolutely stunning. >> shep: they don't act like they are part of big show. they seem relaxed and good to go. a lot more relaxed than i was on my wedding day. >> more relaxed than mine, as well. >> shep: she is conforming to the british tradition. she is wearing a vail over her face which is very respectful of the queen. i'm looking at the flowers, but i think it's lilly of the valley. a large bouquet of lilly of the valley. it's the queen's favorite
12:52 am
flower. >> i got the queen's color. she is going to wear lemon and there she is wearing lemon. very beautiful. very elegant and simple.
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>> greta: she walked into westminster abbey an it was an absolutely beautiful day. >> the instant she walked into that building the sun came out above us. astounding.
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